Yes we know there is a lot here.

We also know that focus is important to accomplishing anything.

With this in mind we’ve developed a phased approach to how we are going to roll out the larger vision of the Adora Family of Companies.


Phase 1

Fund the efforts to do more good.

Adora Create   +   AVS   +   Adora Ventures   +   Adora Dao

The first phase of the Adora Re-Launch has already taken place. 

We have 12K+ contractors ready to support the Adora Charity App through Adora Create (Launched in 2017). 

We launched AVS in 2020 to support the venture side of doing good and we’re currently launching our first 2 funds under Adora Ventures.

The Adora Dao is launching Q2 of 2022 to fund the Adora Network projects.